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Each Amethyst Biomat has an Amethyst layer for transferring natural infrared waves, TOCA (Tourmaline) layer for natural negative ions, carbon fiber and copper fabric layers for Electromagnetic interception, peach and grapeseed fiber layer for heat preservation, and 12 other layers. The Biomat Amethyst comes with an advanced IC chip and soft-touch control system, which has many convenient functions.

This page is for all orders for U.S. including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and is 110v electricity. (If you want 220/240v for US shipping, please note it in the Comments box, and please follow up with an email sales@biomat.us so we will look out for it, there is no extra charge for 220/240v to US address.)

International orders for the Richway and Fuji Bio Inc. Amethyst Biomat.
Hong Kong
Asia (India, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan)
New Zealand
South America (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru)
all countries in the EU zone 1 (Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden)
all countries in the EU zone 2 (Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romainia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia)
United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland)
Norway, Switzerland

Guam, US Virgin Islands, Alaska, Puerto Rico

We are currently only accepting payment through our shopping cart with Paypal due a recent increase in fraudulent orders. You do not need an account to use a credit card with Paypal. If you still want to order with a credit card and not use Paypal, give us a call toll free at 1-877-Bio-Mat-Order (1-877-246-6286) or contact us at Sales. Your orders are 128bit encrypted in our shopping cart for secure and safe transactions. Order securely online or call our Sales Department toll free at 1-877-BioMat-Order (1-877-246-6286).

If you are having difficulty viewing on a mobile device visit our Mobile friendly site.

Every biomat order includes the Biomat, 100% cotton padded cover to protect the biomat, controller, carry case.


Amethyst BioMat 7000mx Professional Package

     This package comes with a Pro size BioMat (27.56"w x 72.83"h) for all-purpose functionality and ease of mobility, created to fit on a massage table. Great tool for massage therapists and chiropractors, it comes with a hard shell travel case with wheels and solid bar handle for ease to transport the Biomat, and 100% anti-bacterial cotton padded cover. This is an U.S F.D.A. Approved Class II Medical Device. And includes the BioMat Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow which features a therapeutic shape to provide additional support for your neck while comfortably cradling your head.

$100 Professional discount with copy of license. See our FAQs for more information.
Electric Consumption: 160w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f

Item #biomatpro1
$2,045.00 (+$90 s/h)
If you qualify for the $100 Professional discount
Item #discbiomatpro1
$1,945.00 (+$90 s/h)
Pro Biomat + Pillow
  Bio Mat Amethyst Professional Size

Amethyst BioMat 7000mx Professional BioMat only

     This is the massage-table size BioMat (27.56"w x 72.83"h) for all-purpose functionality and ease of mobility without the pillow. Great tool for massage therapists and chiropractors, it comes with a travel case with wheels and handle for ease to carry the Biomat, and 100% cotton padded cover. This is an U.S F.D.A. Approved Class II Medical Device.
(shown with Pillow sold separately.)

$100 Professional discount with copy of license. See our FAQs for more information.
Electric Consumption: 160w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f

Item #biomatproonly
$1,695.00 (+$60 s/h)
If you qualify for the $100 Professional discount
Item #discbiomatproonly
$1,595.00 (+$60 s/h)
Pro Only
  Bio Mat Amethyst Professional Size

Amethyst BioMat 7000mx Mini-Mat

     Measures 19.69"w x 33.46"h. This is the perfect take-along for trips, to keep at the office or to share with a friend or family member who would benefit from using this therapeutic device and is great to use in easy chairs, Med-Spa, dental & office chairs. It is also the perfect size for children. Many of our customers have also purchased the Mini-Mat for their beloved pet. The Amethyst BioMat Mini ships with a single dial control panel, travel bag and 100% cotton quilted cover.
Electric Consumption: 100w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f
(Pillow sold separately.)

Item #biomatmini
$670 (+$40 s/h)
  Bio Mat Amethyst Mini Size

Amethyst BioMat 7000mx Single

     Measures 39.37"w x 78.74"h. Fits nicely on a twin bed.
Electric Consumption: 180w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f
(Pillow sold seperately.)

Item #biomatsingle
$2,600.00 (+$100 s/h)
  Bio Mat Amethyst Single Size

Amethyst BioMat 7000mx Queen

     Measures 55.11"w x 78.74"h. Comes with dual control to adjust settings on each side seperately.
Electric Consumption: 330w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f
(Pillow sold seperately.)

Item #biomatqueen
$3,500.00 (+$130 s/h)
  Bio Mat Amethyst Queen Size

Amethyst BioMat 7000mx King

     Measures 70.87"w x 78.74"h. Comes with dual control to adjust settings on each side seperately.
Electric Consumption: 330w
Temperature: 35c to 70c / 95f to 158f
(Pillow sold seperately.)

Item #biomatking
$4,000.00 (+$160 s/h)
  Bio Mat Amethyst King Size

Richway Biobelt

     We have carefully selected the most effective semi-precious stones to enhance the power of the Biobelt. The far infrared energy generated from these stones will gently penetrate your body providing warmth and comfort. Far Infrared rays generated from 8 different types of jewels: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Green Jade, Crystal, Citrine, Topaz, Tiger's Eye, and Elvan. Dimensions:
Reg 55.11" x 5"
XL 62.99" x 5"

Item #biobeltreg
$550.00 (+$30 s/h)
Item #biobeltXL
$550.00 (+$30 s/h)
Biobelt Size
  Bio Mat Biobelt

BioMat Quantum Energy Pad

     Measurements: King: 31 lbs / 73" x 27" x 11" / Thickness 1.57"; Queen: 19 lbs / 26" x 21" 16" / Thickness 1.57"; Single: 13 lbs / 27" x 21" x 11" / Thickness 1.57": Professional: 10 lbs / 26" x 17" x 11" / Thickness 1.57". BioMat Quantum Energy Pad composed of environmentally friendly raw materials such as organic compound energy extracted from peach and grape seeds, which is beneficial to the human body's biological vibration. 6 Layer Structure: Microfiber Fabric Cover, Microfiber Layer, Quantum Energy Layer, Liquid Tourmaline Layer, 3D Mesh Layer (20mm), 3D Mesh Cover (3mm).

Item #quantumpadking
$520.00 (+$50 s/h)
Item #quantumpadqueen
$470.00 (+$40 s/h)
Item #quantumpadsingle
$420.00 (+$30 s/h)
Item #quantumpadpro
$370.00 (+$30 s/h)
  Bio Mat Amethyst Quantum Energy Pad

BioMat Waterproof Cover

     Waterproof cover help keep the biomat dry, mostly used by massage therapists to keep oils away from the biomat. 80% Polyester, 20% Polyurethane. Dimensions:
Pro 28.5" x 76"
Mini 17.5" x 34"

Item #bioprowpad
$100.00 (+$20 s/h)
Item #biominiwpad
$60.00 (+$20 s/h)
Waterproof Cover

Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow

     Originally developed for NASA this space-age Elastic memory foam conforms to your head and neck to ensure an anatomically supportive sleep posture. Features a therapeutic shape to provide additional support for your neck while comfortably cradling your head. Keeps your head cool while your body gets hot, and allows the healing properties of the Amethyst crystals to calm and relax your mind. Includes a luxurious 100% cotton zip cover for easy cleaning. Considered a must according to Eastern Medicine.

Item #biopillow
$350.00 (+$30 s/h)
  BioMat Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow

Richway Orgone Biomat

     Richway Fuji Bio Inc. will discontinue the Orgone King and Orgone Queen size biomats. All Orgone Biomat® orders will be processed based on remaining availability. The Three-Year limited warranty on the Orgone Biomat® will be honored. Repair Department will do its best to accommodate any warranty requests for the Orgone Biomat® based on stock and available parts. The Orgone Bio-mat creates the perfect space for restful and restorative sleep. The Orgone Bio-mat uses the same technology as the original Bio-mat, but is designed to be placed directly on top of your Queen or King sized bed to help you get the sleep you need. It is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean. Dimensions:
King 70.87" x 78.76"
Queen 59.05" x 78.76"

Item #biousorgoneking
$2080.00 (+$160 s/h)
Item #biousorgonequeen
$1580.00 (+$130 s/h)
  Orgone Bio Mat

BioAcoustic Mat

     The BioAcoustic Mat™ employs a powerful low frequency sound generator that delivers a deep acoustic massage for joints and tissues. The high-fidelity upper speakers add another dimension of sound therapy to the BioAcoustic Mat. Vibroacoustic relaxation is not just for the brain. It also provides deep physical cellular stimulation to the skin, muscles, and joints. Use the BioAcoustic Mat in conjunction with the Bio-mat for optimal performance. Dimensions:
Professional 73" x 28" x 3"
Single 79" x 39" x 3"

Item #bioacousticpro
$3,000.00 (+$60 s/h)
Item #bioacousticsingle
$3,500.00 (+$100 s/h)
  BioMat BioAcoustic Mat pad

BioMat Quantum Energy Comforter

     A specially designed cover utilizing organic compounds from peach and grape seeds, amethyst and tourmaline. Use the comforter with your biomat to enhance the power of negative Ions and Far Infrared rays. We designed the comforter to be light and comfortable allowing you to relax and have a good night's sleep.

Item #QEcomforter
$980.00 (+$60 s/h)

Currently Discontinued

  Bio Mat Quantum Energy Comforter

Quantum Energy Car Seat

     The Quantum Energy Car Seat has 6 layers: Silicone Layer, Amethyst Layer, Quantum Energy Layer, Tourmaline Layer, 3D Mesh, Silicone Leather. Color Black and Gun Metal Grey. Fits any driver or passenger seat. Stays in place by locking it into your seat head rest. Dimensions:
20.01" x 23.62" x 20.47"

Item #rabbiocarseat
$400.00 on sale $250 (+$40 s/h)
Coming Soon
  Quantum Energy Car Seat

"The first week I slept on my Bio Mat, I was waking up after 3-4 hours because I was getting hot. I had the setting at the 2nd green light and 2 blankets, but I wasn't using the pillow. So I took the case off the Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow and put it under my pillow on top of the BioMat, and ever since then I have been getting 6-8 hours of restful and quality sleep each night. The Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow is a must. I won't sleep without it."

Steve M.
Sacramento, CA
December 24th, 2005


Become a Distributor

     Fill out our ISA (Independent Sales Agreement), and receive Distributor Kit which contains everything you need to start selling the BioMat including several brocures, order forms, and information material. Also gives you 1 Business Center (if you have not ordered a BioMat).

If you have any questions when filling out the agreement, feel free to contact me. If you don't have a sponsor I would be happy to be your sponsor and help you along the way, just enter my name, Steve Mullen, in the sponsor field when filling out the agreement.

ISA (Independent Sales Agreement)

Water Ionizer Alkal-Life 7000SL

     Water purification and Ionizer system
Creates purified Alkaline Ion water as well as Acidic water from ordinary tap water
U.S. F.D.A. Medical Device: 300505378

Item #bioalkal
$2,000.00 (+$40 s/h)
  Alkaline Water Ionizer Alkal-Life 7000SL

If you need to order a new filter please contact the distributor you ordered from, or call Richway at 855-338-6410 toll free or email customerservice@richwayusa.com.

Replacement filter pricing:
Alkal-life 3000 and Alkal-life 7000 $120


Rejuvena Premium

     Hi-Tech Sonic Skin Care System
Look younger by smoothing out and revitalizing your appearance with the Rejuvena Premium.
Experience it in 3 steps - Gentle Soft Peeling and Ion Treatment with Red Light Heat Lamp, and Light Therapy.
When our skin is unable to exfoliate naturally, it accumulates dirty old cells and its appearance becomes dull. Richway & Fuji Bio has scientifically developed the Rejuvena Premium and created it to respond to the real needs of aging skin. Let the Rejuvena Premium gently and naturally reveal your smooth lustrous skin.

The Soft Peeling mode is painless and gentle on your skin. It uses vibrations to deeply cleanse and remove contaminants and old cells, revealing your natural skin.
Blue light helps to improve troubled skin. Red light reduces free radicals and soothes skin damge caused by UV rays.
Includes: Facial Unit, Charging Adaptor, empty spray bottle

Item #rejuvenapremium
$420.00 (+$30 s/h)
  Rejuvena Premium Sonic Skin Care System

Bio-Mat Aroma Stand

     Lightweight and sturdy, position the Aroma stand within arms reach anywhere along your bed to free up nightstand space. Non slip pad with diffuser pads for Lavender oil included (each stand comes with 30ml bottle).
Measurements: 13.38" x 13.38" x 32.48"

Item #bioaromastand
$125.00 (+$30 s/h)
  Bio-Mat Aroma Stand

Alpha Max Serum 3.5

Richway Fuji Bio Inc. has partnered with Cellreon, makers of the finest Korean luxury skincare and beauty products.
An intensive serum to combat dry skin, wrinkles, elasticity, loss of volume, and reduce the appearance of age spots and uneven skin tone due to aging.

(Currently shipping to US address only at this time.)

Key Ingredients: Passionfruit Meristem Cell Extract - A potent antioxident with collagen supporting qualities; Sericin (silk protein) - deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin; Growth Factors and Peptides (GFP) Complex - 8 different peptides and 6 growth factors to support natural fibroblast function.
Contains 12 7ml ampoules in each box.

Item #alphamaxserum
$680.00 (+$20 s/h)
  Alpha Max Serum

Mega Bio Cleanse 365

     Mega Bio Cleanse 365 is your daily source of dietary fiber. Made with our proprietary blend of fibers and nutrients. Maintain your digestive health – all in a convenient package. Mega Bio Cleanse 365 can only be shipped within the United States.

Item #megabiocleanse30
$100.00 (+$15 s/h)
Item #megabiocleanse90
$250.00 (+$25 s/h)
  Mega Bio Cleanse 365

Detoxi 300Hrs

     Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi 300Hrs Powder is produced from sun-dried salt that is packed inside the hollow sections of bamboo. It is then burnt 9 times at 3000 f. The high kiln temperatures ensure elimination of both, heavy metals and toxins. This process creates a very pure grade of Bamboo Salt that contains lots of essential minerals and micronutrients. It has a high content of Phosphorus, Zinc and ionized hydrogen. Additionally, it has an exceedingly High Oxidation Reduction Potential, making it beneficial for all. Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi 300Hrs is a pure high quality nutrient that is very alkaline, helping balance the cellular osmosis pressure, and is not detrimental like common salt. Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi 300Hrs is very safe. Take 1 packet with 8 oz. water before using the biomat.

One Bottle
Item #biosaltsingle
$100.00(+$10 s/h)
Three Bottles
Item #biosalt3box
$250.00(+$10 s/h)
  Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi 300Hrs Bamboo Salt

Do you need the Biomat shipped to somewhere outside the US? We also ship the Biomat worldwide Canada, International Orders for countries not listed or in the EU, all countries in the EU zone 1, all countries in the EU zone 2, Hong Kong, China, Asia (Singapore, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand), United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Germany, South America (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru), Guam, US Virgin Islands, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico.

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*Legal Disclaimer. Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every individual is unique, you may wish to consult with your health care practitioner about the use of our product in your particular situation. The information on this site has been complied by presenting material (taken out of context) from the research study of the records of doctors: Dr. Takada Maku, Dr. Hatashita Toshiuki, Dr. Hirohuchi Mitchio, and Dr. Ota Nobuoi of Toho University Hospital Japan. These research records were developed over a 40 year period of time. Bibliography: Dr. Sang Whang 'Reverse Aging', MD., Ted Rozema 'Chelaton Therapy', and Dr. Fred Soyka with Alan Edmonds 'The Ion Effect'.
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